The Friends of Fort Clinch Vintage Car Show 2019!

Coming up Saturday, September 28th! Entry in the show is a minimum donation of $30. Please download and print the flyer below. You will need to fill it out and mail to the address listed on the flyer. Entry donation can be made by check when the entry form is mailed in, or by PayPal here. If you wish to donate via PayPal, you will need to create a PayPal account if you do not already have one. Send the entry fee via PayPal to If the entry donation is made via PayPal, you will still need to print, fill out, and mail in the entry form below.

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March 12th, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

Friends of Fort Clinch State Park Board Meeting Minutes, March 12, 2019

Members present: Don Hughes, Sandra Baker-Hinton, Jim McCannell, Jane Malenke, Carrie McCannell-Scruggs, Dustin Nemati, Jane Bailey, Stewart Pikula & Caleb Wilson

Park Staff: Cody Peters & Jason Allgood

Guest: Walter Atwood

The meeting was opened by President Hughes at 6:15 pm.

FOFC BOD Group photo taken.

Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes: Jane M. moved to approve the November 13 minutes, Jim seconded. Minutes approved.

Membership Report: Sandra gave a report on membership. We currently have 134 FOFC members. The roll is being cleaned up by removing expired memberships. Don commented we should be able to add 50-60 new members this year.

Event Report: Jane M. reported that as of today, the Fort had been reserved/contract signed for two events. The first event was held on February 8th for the Ritz-Carlton’s Pipe Line Contractors Association. The gross income, before expenses, was $11,665.00.

The next event will be held on October 19th for the Amelia Masonic Lodge.A “Hold the Date” request has come from the Ritz-Carlton for June 3rd. No contract has been signed and Jane will update us at the next meeting.

Financial Report: Carrie distributed the financial report to the group and reviewed expenses, deposits and the bank balance. See attached report.

Park Manager Report: Cody gave the report in Heath’s absence. A bike wash is now being completed in the SE corner of the beach parking lot along with bike racks and a water filling station. Cody reported on the Naturalists & Uplands week long Master Certification

Course that will be offered in September. Heath has requested that we fund the tuition for a staff person and a volunteer. We hope to eventually offer the class the park. An EZ Go electric golf cart funding request for $11,000 was presented to the board. The current four gas carts would be replaced with used 2016 Yamaha electric carts at a cost of $850.00 per cart. Carrie made a motion to allocate $11,000 for the golf cart purchases. Dustin seconded the motion. FOFC will purchase the carts and sign them over to the Park. After this purchase, any golf cart will be covered in the Park budget. Park kiosks need to be completed throughout the park and $1,000 budget is needed to finish this project. Jim made a motion to approve the needed funds, Caleb seconded and the motion was approved. Don discussed possible upcoming Park programs and special events such as car shows, Halloween, Astronomy Nights, Cannons on the Plaza, etc. See Annual Program Plan for CSO for details.

Old Business: •Caleb discussed the Astronomy Night to be held on 3/23 or 3/24, in case of rain. Don will send out information to the FOFC. Caleb will wait until the week of the event to send out publicity and Jane M., Dustin and Stewart volunteered to help. Dustin will check with Frank regarding costume usage. •Caleb will be scouting the Park for preferred Critter Cam locations and said the public will not know where these cameras will be located. •Dustin said the Olustee event went well and commented that he was part of the best cannon field team at the park. •Don discussed the importance of logging BOD’s volunteer hours and that volunteer hours help in getting grants for the Park. Jason handed out a guide with on-line instructions. Currently the Park is #2 in the district for the most volunteer hours. Don asked BOD members serving in 2018 to provide him with their volunteer hours for the year.

New Business: •Don commented on best practices for transparency and stated a CSO is not subject to Sunshine Laws. Meetings are published online and Don said the minutes published online as well and that the agenda will soon be published online. Sandra and Don will staff the FOFC table at Wild Amelia on May 11. Don asked for a budget of up to $150 for small give aways. Jane M. made a motion to spend up to $150, Sandra seconded and the motion passed. •Caleb said the FOFC application is now on the website. He is considering setting

up a Pay Pal swiper for online donations. Discussion to be continued at another meeting. •September 28 is National Public Land Day. Caleb suggested we could do a fundraising run in the Park and recommended another Bronze Man 12 Hour Race. •Jason talked about a tentative 50k/30k/10k race in January. •Don gave each board member a stack of 25 business cards to help encourage and promote FOFC Membership. He will send a rack card template out to the BOD.

•Don passed out Press Release Guidelines to Carrie, Jane B. and Jason who will be helping with publicity for various FOFC events and Park Happenings. •Last year the Adopt a Turtle Nest fundraiser had 6 nest adoptions at $100 per nest. Sandra commented there were 18 nests in 2018.

Public Comments: •Stewart and Heath are having discussions on several potential projects that would include joint efforts on the part of WestRock, RayonierAM, and Park personnel. Walter Atwood, our guest for the evening, brought memorabilia for the Park Museum from his time serving in the CCC during the 1940’s. He said he intends to donate more items to the FOFC. The 97 year old has also donated some of his CCC memorabilia to the Smithsonian Institution. Mr. Atwood thanked the board for letting him sit in on our BOD meeting.

There being no other business, Stewart made a motion to adjourn the meeting with Jim seconding. The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 pm..

Submitted by Jane Bailey, Secretary (April 18, 2019)

FOFC Annual Meeting Minutes for January 5th, 2018

Friends of Fort Clinch, Inc.

(Citizen Support Organization - CSO)

Annual Meeting Minutes, January 5, 2018

Members & Guests: Don Hughes, Jim McCannell, Caleb Wilson, Sandra Baker-Hinton,

Jane Malenke, Stewart Pikula, Rich Reily, Pat Weinberg, Teen Petersen, Jeff Petersen,

David Francis, Donna Tovar, Toby Tovar, Walter Atwood, Pam Smith, Janice Atwood,

Dustin Neman, Jane Bailey, Doug Bailey, Sue McCannell, Jennifer Harrison, Mike Harri-

son, John PiIs and Page PiIs

Park Staff: Cody Peters, Jason Allgood, Heath Alboher

Meeting was opened by President Hughes at 12:08 PM

President’s Report: Don introduced the Board members that were present (Jim McCan-

nell, Caleb Wilson, Sandra Baker-Hinton and Jane Malenke) and gave a brief description

of some of their contributions to the organization. He then reviewed several of the chal-

lenges, accomplishments and the future direction of the Friends organization. He also

read the role of the CSO from the agreement that the CSO has with the park and also

the mission statement from the bylaws. He introduced Park Manager, Heath Alboher,

Asst. Park Manager, Cody Peters, and Park Specialist, Jason Allgood.

Financial Report: The 2018 fiscal year ended with balances of $32,735.89 in the check-

ing account and $20,000 in a certificate of deposit. Expenses for the year totaled

$26,177.02 and income totaled $20,001.15. The categorical income and expenses were


Membership Report: Sandra Baker-Hinton reported that the membership was at 132

but also that this number fluctuates throughout the year as new members join and oth-

er members do not continue their membership. She and Don also discussed the

changes that were made to Lifetime memberships to meet State Park guidelines. Sandra

talked about the financial benefit of being a member in terms of saving money on park

admissions. (Information - The $30 annual membership enables the holder and up to

seven others in his/her group, 12 entrances within a one-year period. Twelve entrances

for non-members would total $72. Fees for fort entrances are per individual and not in-cluded in the general entrance fee.)

Park Manager’s Report: Heath discussed the Park staff/CSO relationship and upcoming

plans for 2019, including a major renovation of the River Campground building built by

the Civilian Conservation Corp. It will be restored, as much as possible, to its original

form and utilized for educational displays and a gathering place for individuals and small

groups. The project is contingent upon a restoration grant award and matching funds/

labor. Upgrades to Plaza Park, in Old Town, were discussed and will be completed this

coming year. Heath announced that planning money for a new pier has been approved

and gave several other updates on works in progress and upcoming projects/events. A

preliminary list is attached. The Ft. Clinch Plan of Action for 2019 is a guideline for all

potential projects, some which are included in the Park Service 10-year management

plan. Additional events/projects in the plan, are less capital intensive, can be achieved

in a shorter time period, and are normally directly supported by CSO funding. The full

plan will be reviewed at the January 8 Board meeting for discussion, constructive input

and approval.

Accomplishments: The list of 2018 accomplishments, that was distributed, was re-

viewed and briefly discussed. Website developments and Facebook postings, including

future plans and how they are administered, were specifically addressed.

Plan of Action: The second page of the abbreviated Plan of Action was inadvertently not

copied. The plan is attached for review. The full plan, peer approval, will be emailed to

all Friends of Ft. Clinch, Inc., members.

Questions: Toby Tovar asked about the status of the rock pile blocking one of the small

parking areas along the park canopy road. Heath stated that it will be gone shortly as it

is being used to repair some ground surfaces in that area.

Board Member Nominations and Election: Jim McCannell presented the slate of nominees, developed by the Nomination Committee (Don, Jim and Caleb), while also asking

for further nominations and explaining that write-ins were acceptable. Short bios on the

nominee slate had been distributed earlier. Ballots were distributed. Door prizes were

drawn as Caleb tallied the votes. He reported that all four of the nominees (Dustin Neman, Jane Bailey, Carrie McCannell-Scruggs and Stewart Pikula) were unanimously

elected to two-year terms. Congratulation were made.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 1:04PM and immediately followed by a

short Board meeting in which Jane Bailey was elected Secretary and Carrie McCannell-

Scruggs was elected Treasurer. The next full Board meeting is Tuesday, January 8 at 6Pm

at the Visitor’s Center.

Thank you for your attendance and your support. -Don Hughes

FOFC Board Meeting Minutes for November 13th, 2018

Friends of Fort Clinch State Park

Board Meeting Minutes, November 13, 2018

Members present: Don Hughes, Sandy Baker-Hinton, Jim McCannell, Amy

Wade, Caleb Wilson, Jane Malenke

Park Staff: Cody Peters, Jason Allgood, Heath Alboher

Guest: Mark Gearis; Photographer/Astronomy Event

Meeting was opened by President Hughes at 6:07 PM

Minutes: Subject to corrections, Jim moved and Amy seconded the

approval of the September 11 minutes. Approved

Membership Report: Don reported we have 167 members. About 20 members

are overdue for membership renewal. Sandra has contacted them. Don will

update the directory in December and take off individuals who are several

months overdue. Don also reported on our ‘New Annual Membership’ option for

Lifetime members. He sent letters to 44 Lifetime members. 24 responded; 18

keeping Annual Pass, 4 wanted full refund, 2 chose One Year Memberships. Don

will call those that have not responded by December 1, 2018.

Rentals: Heath reported that Ritz-Carlton will be renting the Fort in early 2019.

Finance Report:

* Don reviewed the expenses, deposits, and bank balance on handout.

* Don reported on Park Managers/CSO Dinner. After expenses, the CSO

Contribution was $513.63.

* Don also reported on Vintage Car Show. After expenses, the $1,090.22 profit

will be used to enhance Park facilities and Programs.

Park Manager’s Report:

* Heath gave Ranger Updates. Zack Martin was hired and Heath will be

hiring two more Rangers. Ian Murray has moved on and Perry Cox is

Retiring. Frank Ofeldt, who has been a Ranger for 25 years, was recently

upgraded to a Park Service Specialist.

* Heath gave an update regarding enhancements to Plaza Park.

* Heath handed out a projected 2019 Event Schedule.

* Don went over the 2019-2020 Annual Program Plan requirement. He will meet

with Heath to discuss and then share with Board members for input and edits.

Heath discussed the recent Low Country Boil Dinner and Park Manager

District II Meeting. Emphasis was on Fundraising. Don, Amy, and Jane attended

from Board.

* Jason will be doing Park Press Releases.

* Heath discussed renovation of CCC Bathroom. Renovation will include: Interior

renovation, shelter, Interpretive panels. He is applying for a $50,000 Grant

from Dept. of State. Would do a 10% Match - $5,000. Request CSO Funds of


* Holiday Party for volunteers will be Noon -Sunday, December 2 nd. Don

suggested CSO cover $500 expense. Caleb moved, Amy seconded. Approved.

Old Business:

* Heath and Don discussed ‘Vintage Car Show’. It was a success and we will plan

on another in September 2019. CSO Board will count ‘People’s Choice’ votes, if

the car club agrees.

* Heath discussed ‘History of a Soldier’ and the lighting/sound provided by

Eventcraft. It also will be held again in 2019.

* Caleb discussed the Astronomy Program. He will get back with Heath about a

December date. Time was set for 6-9 PM. He is looking at a Saturday date

with a Sunday ‘Cloud Delay’ back-up date. This will be a Free Event with a

Donation Box.

New Business:

* Nominating Committee. Don, Jim, and Caleb are working on putting together

a list of nominations.

* Don presented the Revised FOFC Board Directory/Park Contacts List.

* Don discussed the ‘James Cook Fund’. Due to recent Hurricanes, Don

suggested that CSO donate $1,000 to the fund. The fund assists park staff

around the state with emergency assistance. Jane moved, Jim

seconded. Approved.

* January 5, 2019 - Annual meeting at Noon. CSO approved up to $500 for

refreshments. Jim moved, Amy seconded. Approved.

* Caleb discussed placing his Game Camera on trails within Park and uploading

pictures onto Website.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:25 PM.

Respectfully Submitted By,

Jane Malenke

Friends of Fort Clinch Board Meeting- MINUTES 9-11-2018

Friends of Fort Clinch State Park

Board Meeting Minutes, September 11, 2018

Members present: Don Hughes, Jim McCannell, Caleb Wilson, Sandra Baker-Hinton, Amy Wade & Jane Malenke

Park Staff: Cody Peters, Heath Alboher and Jason Allgood

Meeting was opened by President Hughes at 6:08 PM.

Minutes: Jim moved and Caleb seconded the approval of the July 10 minutes. Approved.

Board Membership: Don introduced Jane Malenke as a nominee for Board membership. Jane left

room while Bored discussion took place. Don nominated, Amy seconded. Unanimous approval.

Membership Report: Sandra reported that we have approximately 150 members. Discussion took

place regarding the membership letters that Sandra sent out, new membership cards and letters to

Lifetime members. Discussion regarding clarification of entrance to the fort took place.

Rentals: Heath reported that there were no rental inquiries.

Finance report: Don reviewed the expenses, deposits and bank balance on handout.

Park Manager’s Report:

* Heath welcomed new Park Service Specialist Jason Allgood. He also informed the Board

about the new Park Rangers.

* Heath gave updates on the canon carriage being repaired for the display grounds and the

purchase of a canvas cover for the carriage.

* Heath also gave an update regarding the enhancements to the Plaza Park planned

enhancements and kiosks.

* The bottle water fountain, previously approved, is still being researched as the size of the

fountain does not fit well as the chosen location.

* Heath requested $1,200 in funding to support the 11/8-9 District 2 meeting, Thursday night

dinner. He estimated, that it would end up costing theCSO approximately $700 after dinner fee

reimbursements. Approved.

* Don suggested that the CSO cover the Thursday night dinner for Board members. Caleb

moved and Jim seconded the motion to do so. Approved

* Heath asked for up to $1,450 in funding to support the History of the soldier Program with

sound and lights. He mentioned that the Park may be able to contribute to the cost. Caleb

moved and Jim seconded. Approved.

Old Business:

* Caleb stated that the Astronomy Program would take place in December, date TBA. He said

he would discuss the event, including insurance, and driving into the fort with Heath and Cody.

* Caleb gave a website update and asked for bio’s for the who did not submit one.

* Jane gave an update on the filing system and guidelines for destroying old records.

New Business:

* Don talked about the Facebook page. It was agreed (Caleb moved,Sandy seconded -

approved) that the Friends would manage it. Caleb will be the administrator. Amy and others

will be given permission to submit items.

* Jim gave an update on the Vintage Car Show. He requested that we help cover the cost of the

event (banner, posters, etc.) at approximately $250. Amy asked about how old the cars need

to be (at least 25 years old). Cody talked about he ramp that they were building for the fort

entrance for the cars.

* Sandy gave a Sea Turtle update and a horseshoe crab survey update

* Sandy mentioned that we would be receiving $1,000 from the Turtle Trot organizers

There being no other business, Caleb moved and Jane seconded that the meeting adjourn. Ap-

proved. The meeting was adjourned at 7:20PM.

Respectfully Submitted By,

Amy Wade

Fort Clinch State Park Vintage Car Show!

Coming up Saturday, September 22nd! Entry in the show is a minimum donation of $20. Please download and print the flyer below. You will need to fill it out and mail to the address listed on the flyer. Entry donation can be made by check when the entry form is mailed in, or by PayPal here. If you wish to donate via PayPal, you will need to create a PayPal account if you do not already have one. Send the entry fee via PayPal to If the entry donation is made via PayPal, you will still need to print, fill out, and mail in the entry form below.