Friends of Fort Clinch Board Meeting- MINUTES 9-11-2018

Friends of Fort Clinch State Park

Board Meeting Minutes, September 11, 2018

Members present: Don Hughes, Jim McCannell, Caleb Wilson, Sandra Baker-Hinton, Amy Wade & Jane Malenke

Park Staff: Cody Peters, Heath Alboher and Jason Allgood

Meeting was opened by President Hughes at 6:08 PM.

Minutes: Jim moved and Caleb seconded the approval of the July 10 minutes. Approved.

Board Membership: Don introduced Jane Malenke as a nominee for Board membership. Jane left

room while Bored discussion took place. Don nominated, Amy seconded. Unanimous approval.

Membership Report: Sandra reported that we have approximately 150 members. Discussion took

place regarding the membership letters that Sandra sent out, new membership cards and letters to

Lifetime members. Discussion regarding clarification of entrance to the fort took place.

Rentals: Heath reported that there were no rental inquiries.

Finance report: Don reviewed the expenses, deposits and bank balance on handout.

Park Manager’s Report:

* Heath welcomed new Park Service Specialist Jason Allgood. He also informed the Board

about the new Park Rangers.

* Heath gave updates on the canon carriage being repaired for the display grounds and the

purchase of a canvas cover for the carriage.

* Heath also gave an update regarding the enhancements to the Plaza Park planned

enhancements and kiosks.

* The bottle water fountain, previously approved, is still being researched as the size of the

fountain does not fit well as the chosen location.

* Heath requested $1,200 in funding to support the 11/8-9 District 2 meeting, Thursday night

dinner. He estimated, that it would end up costing theCSO approximately $700 after dinner fee

reimbursements. Approved.

* Don suggested that the CSO cover the Thursday night dinner for Board members. Caleb

moved and Jim seconded the motion to do so. Approved

* Heath asked for up to $1,450 in funding to support the History of the soldier Program with

sound and lights. He mentioned that the Park may be able to contribute to the cost. Caleb

moved and Jim seconded. Approved.

Old Business:

* Caleb stated that the Astronomy Program would take place in December, date TBA. He said

he would discuss the event, including insurance, and driving into the fort with Heath and Cody.

* Caleb gave a website update and asked for bio’s for the who did not submit one.

* Jane gave an update on the filing system and guidelines for destroying old records.

New Business:

* Don talked about the Facebook page. It was agreed (Caleb moved,Sandy seconded -

approved) that the Friends would manage it. Caleb will be the administrator. Amy and others

will be given permission to submit items.

* Jim gave an update on the Vintage Car Show. He requested that we help cover the cost of the

event (banner, posters, etc.) at approximately $250. Amy asked about how old the cars need

to be (at least 25 years old). Cody talked about he ramp that they were building for the fort

entrance for the cars.

* Sandy gave a Sea Turtle update and a horseshoe crab survey update

* Sandy mentioned that we would be receiving $1,000 from the Turtle Trot organizers

There being no other business, Caleb moved and Jane seconded that the meeting adjourn. Ap-

proved. The meeting was adjourned at 7:20PM.

Respectfully Submitted By,

Amy Wade