FOFC Annual Meeting Minutes for January 5th, 2018

Friends of Fort Clinch, Inc.

(Citizen Support Organization - CSO)

Annual Meeting Minutes, January 5, 2018

Members & Guests: Don Hughes, Jim McCannell, Caleb Wilson, Sandra Baker-Hinton,

Jane Malenke, Stewart Pikula, Rich Reily, Pat Weinberg, Teen Petersen, Jeff Petersen,

David Francis, Donna Tovar, Toby Tovar, Walter Atwood, Pam Smith, Janice Atwood,

Dustin Neman, Jane Bailey, Doug Bailey, Sue McCannell, Jennifer Harrison, Mike Harri-

son, John PiIs and Page PiIs

Park Staff: Cody Peters, Jason Allgood, Heath Alboher

Meeting was opened by President Hughes at 12:08 PM

President’s Report: Don introduced the Board members that were present (Jim McCan-

nell, Caleb Wilson, Sandra Baker-Hinton and Jane Malenke) and gave a brief description

of some of their contributions to the organization. He then reviewed several of the chal-

lenges, accomplishments and the future direction of the Friends organization. He also

read the role of the CSO from the agreement that the CSO has with the park and also

the mission statement from the bylaws. He introduced Park Manager, Heath Alboher,

Asst. Park Manager, Cody Peters, and Park Specialist, Jason Allgood.

Financial Report: The 2018 fiscal year ended with balances of $32,735.89 in the check-

ing account and $20,000 in a certificate of deposit. Expenses for the year totaled

$26,177.02 and income totaled $20,001.15. The categorical income and expenses were


Membership Report: Sandra Baker-Hinton reported that the membership was at 132

but also that this number fluctuates throughout the year as new members join and oth-

er members do not continue their membership. She and Don also discussed the

changes that were made to Lifetime memberships to meet State Park guidelines. Sandra

talked about the financial benefit of being a member in terms of saving money on park

admissions. (Information - The $30 annual membership enables the holder and up to

seven others in his/her group, 12 entrances within a one-year period. Twelve entrances

for non-members would total $72. Fees for fort entrances are per individual and not in-cluded in the general entrance fee.)

Park Manager’s Report: Heath discussed the Park staff/CSO relationship and upcoming

plans for 2019, including a major renovation of the River Campground building built by

the Civilian Conservation Corp. It will be restored, as much as possible, to its original

form and utilized for educational displays and a gathering place for individuals and small

groups. The project is contingent upon a restoration grant award and matching funds/

labor. Upgrades to Plaza Park, in Old Town, were discussed and will be completed this

coming year. Heath announced that planning money for a new pier has been approved

and gave several other updates on works in progress and upcoming projects/events. A

preliminary list is attached. The Ft. Clinch Plan of Action for 2019 is a guideline for all

potential projects, some which are included in the Park Service 10-year management

plan. Additional events/projects in the plan, are less capital intensive, can be achieved

in a shorter time period, and are normally directly supported by CSO funding. The full

plan will be reviewed at the January 8 Board meeting for discussion, constructive input

and approval.

Accomplishments: The list of 2018 accomplishments, that was distributed, was re-

viewed and briefly discussed. Website developments and Facebook postings, including

future plans and how they are administered, were specifically addressed.

Plan of Action: The second page of the abbreviated Plan of Action was inadvertently not

copied. The plan is attached for review. The full plan, peer approval, will be emailed to

all Friends of Ft. Clinch, Inc., members.

Questions: Toby Tovar asked about the status of the rock pile blocking one of the small

parking areas along the park canopy road. Heath stated that it will be gone shortly as it

is being used to repair some ground surfaces in that area.

Board Member Nominations and Election: Jim McCannell presented the slate of nominees, developed by the Nomination Committee (Don, Jim and Caleb), while also asking

for further nominations and explaining that write-ins were acceptable. Short bios on the

nominee slate had been distributed earlier. Ballots were distributed. Door prizes were

drawn as Caleb tallied the votes. He reported that all four of the nominees (Dustin Neman, Jane Bailey, Carrie McCannell-Scruggs and Stewart Pikula) were unanimously

elected to two-year terms. Congratulation were made.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 1:04PM and immediately followed by a

short Board meeting in which Jane Bailey was elected Secretary and Carrie McCannell-

Scruggs was elected Treasurer. The next full Board meeting is Tuesday, January 8 at 6Pm

at the Visitor’s Center.

Thank you for your attendance and your support. -Don Hughes