FOFC Board Meeting Minutes for November 13th, 2018

Friends of Fort Clinch State Park

Board Meeting Minutes, November 13, 2018

Members present: Don Hughes, Sandy Baker-Hinton, Jim McCannell, Amy

Wade, Caleb Wilson, Jane Malenke

Park Staff: Cody Peters, Jason Allgood, Heath Alboher

Guest: Mark Gearis; Photographer/Astronomy Event

Meeting was opened by President Hughes at 6:07 PM

Minutes: Subject to corrections, Jim moved and Amy seconded the

approval of the September 11 minutes. Approved

Membership Report: Don reported we have 167 members. About 20 members

are overdue for membership renewal. Sandra has contacted them. Don will

update the directory in December and take off individuals who are several

months overdue. Don also reported on our ‘New Annual Membership’ option for

Lifetime members. He sent letters to 44 Lifetime members. 24 responded; 18

keeping Annual Pass, 4 wanted full refund, 2 chose One Year Memberships. Don

will call those that have not responded by December 1, 2018.

Rentals: Heath reported that Ritz-Carlton will be renting the Fort in early 2019.

Finance Report:

* Don reviewed the expenses, deposits, and bank balance on handout.

* Don reported on Park Managers/CSO Dinner. After expenses, the CSO

Contribution was $513.63.

* Don also reported on Vintage Car Show. After expenses, the $1,090.22 profit

will be used to enhance Park facilities and Programs.

Park Manager’s Report:

* Heath gave Ranger Updates. Zack Martin was hired and Heath will be

hiring two more Rangers. Ian Murray has moved on and Perry Cox is

Retiring. Frank Ofeldt, who has been a Ranger for 25 years, was recently

upgraded to a Park Service Specialist.

* Heath gave an update regarding enhancements to Plaza Park.

* Heath handed out a projected 2019 Event Schedule.

* Don went over the 2019-2020 Annual Program Plan requirement. He will meet

with Heath to discuss and then share with Board members for input and edits.

Heath discussed the recent Low Country Boil Dinner and Park Manager

District II Meeting. Emphasis was on Fundraising. Don, Amy, and Jane attended

from Board.

* Jason will be doing Park Press Releases.

* Heath discussed renovation of CCC Bathroom. Renovation will include: Interior

renovation, shelter, Interpretive panels. He is applying for a $50,000 Grant

from Dept. of State. Would do a 10% Match - $5,000. Request CSO Funds of


* Holiday Party for volunteers will be Noon -Sunday, December 2 nd. Don

suggested CSO cover $500 expense. Caleb moved, Amy seconded. Approved.

Old Business:

* Heath and Don discussed ‘Vintage Car Show’. It was a success and we will plan

on another in September 2019. CSO Board will count ‘People’s Choice’ votes, if

the car club agrees.

* Heath discussed ‘History of a Soldier’ and the lighting/sound provided by

Eventcraft. It also will be held again in 2019.

* Caleb discussed the Astronomy Program. He will get back with Heath about a

December date. Time was set for 6-9 PM. He is looking at a Saturday date

with a Sunday ‘Cloud Delay’ back-up date. This will be a Free Event with a

Donation Box.

New Business:

* Nominating Committee. Don, Jim, and Caleb are working on putting together

a list of nominations.

* Don presented the Revised FOFC Board Directory/Park Contacts List.

* Don discussed the ‘James Cook Fund’. Due to recent Hurricanes, Don

suggested that CSO donate $1,000 to the fund. The fund assists park staff

around the state with emergency assistance. Jane moved, Jim

seconded. Approved.

* January 5, 2019 - Annual meeting at Noon. CSO approved up to $500 for

refreshments. Jim moved, Amy seconded. Approved.

* Caleb discussed placing his Game Camera on trails within Park and uploading

pictures onto Website.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:25 PM.

Respectfully Submitted By,

Jane Malenke