March 12th, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

Friends of Fort Clinch State Park Board Meeting Minutes, March 12, 2019

Members present: Don Hughes, Sandra Baker-Hinton, Jim McCannell, Jane Malenke, Carrie McCannell-Scruggs, Dustin Nemati, Jane Bailey, Stewart Pikula & Caleb Wilson

Park Staff: Cody Peters & Jason Allgood

Guest: Walter Atwood

The meeting was opened by President Hughes at 6:15 pm.

FOFC BOD Group photo taken.

Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes: Jane M. moved to approve the November 13 minutes, Jim seconded. Minutes approved.

Membership Report: Sandra gave a report on membership. We currently have 134 FOFC members. The roll is being cleaned up by removing expired memberships. Don commented we should be able to add 50-60 new members this year.

Event Report: Jane M. reported that as of today, the Fort had been reserved/contract signed for two events. The first event was held on February 8th for the Ritz-Carlton’s Pipe Line Contractors Association. The gross income, before expenses, was $11,665.00.

The next event will be held on October 19th for the Amelia Masonic Lodge.A “Hold the Date” request has come from the Ritz-Carlton for June 3rd. No contract has been signed and Jane will update us at the next meeting.

Financial Report: Carrie distributed the financial report to the group and reviewed expenses, deposits and the bank balance. See attached report.

Park Manager Report: Cody gave the report in Heath’s absence. A bike wash is now being completed in the SE corner of the beach parking lot along with bike racks and a water filling station. Cody reported on the Naturalists & Uplands week long Master Certification

Course that will be offered in September. Heath has requested that we fund the tuition for a staff person and a volunteer. We hope to eventually offer the class the park. An EZ Go electric golf cart funding request for $11,000 was presented to the board. The current four gas carts would be replaced with used 2016 Yamaha electric carts at a cost of $850.00 per cart. Carrie made a motion to allocate $11,000 for the golf cart purchases. Dustin seconded the motion. FOFC will purchase the carts and sign them over to the Park. After this purchase, any golf cart will be covered in the Park budget. Park kiosks need to be completed throughout the park and $1,000 budget is needed to finish this project. Jim made a motion to approve the needed funds, Caleb seconded and the motion was approved. Don discussed possible upcoming Park programs and special events such as car shows, Halloween, Astronomy Nights, Cannons on the Plaza, etc. See Annual Program Plan for CSO for details.

Old Business: •Caleb discussed the Astronomy Night to be held on 3/23 or 3/24, in case of rain. Don will send out information to the FOFC. Caleb will wait until the week of the event to send out publicity and Jane M., Dustin and Stewart volunteered to help. Dustin will check with Frank regarding costume usage. •Caleb will be scouting the Park for preferred Critter Cam locations and said the public will not know where these cameras will be located. •Dustin said the Olustee event went well and commented that he was part of the best cannon field team at the park. •Don discussed the importance of logging BOD’s volunteer hours and that volunteer hours help in getting grants for the Park. Jason handed out a guide with on-line instructions. Currently the Park is #2 in the district for the most volunteer hours. Don asked BOD members serving in 2018 to provide him with their volunteer hours for the year.

New Business: •Don commented on best practices for transparency and stated a CSO is not subject to Sunshine Laws. Meetings are published online and Don said the minutes published online as well and that the agenda will soon be published online. Sandra and Don will staff the FOFC table at Wild Amelia on May 11. Don asked for a budget of up to $150 for small give aways. Jane M. made a motion to spend up to $150, Sandra seconded and the motion passed. •Caleb said the FOFC application is now on the website. He is considering setting

up a Pay Pal swiper for online donations. Discussion to be continued at another meeting. •September 28 is National Public Land Day. Caleb suggested we could do a fundraising run in the Park and recommended another Bronze Man 12 Hour Race. •Jason talked about a tentative 50k/30k/10k race in January. •Don gave each board member a stack of 25 business cards to help encourage and promote FOFC Membership. He will send a rack card template out to the BOD.

•Don passed out Press Release Guidelines to Carrie, Jane B. and Jason who will be helping with publicity for various FOFC events and Park Happenings. •Last year the Adopt a Turtle Nest fundraiser had 6 nest adoptions at $100 per nest. Sandra commented there were 18 nests in 2018.

Public Comments: •Stewart and Heath are having discussions on several potential projects that would include joint efforts on the part of WestRock, RayonierAM, and Park personnel. Walter Atwood, our guest for the evening, brought memorabilia for the Park Museum from his time serving in the CCC during the 1940’s. He said he intends to donate more items to the FOFC. The 97 year old has also donated some of his CCC memorabilia to the Smithsonian Institution. Mr. Atwood thanked the board for letting him sit in on our BOD meeting.

There being no other business, Stewart made a motion to adjourn the meeting with Jim seconding. The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 pm..

Submitted by Jane Bailey, Secretary (April 18, 2019)